Dear Sirs,

The evidence for our memory of our departed relatives is our
care about the proper appearance of their places of burial.

We would like to propose you a professional help in the maintenance of their places of burial.
We carry out all works on the client's request.
With our help you will not have to worry about the appearance of the place of burial of your relatives.
We guarantee a high level of our services.

We heartily invite you to acquaint with our offer.


Our company specializes in the provision of services connected with the care of graves.

We provide services in the scope of:

  • graves maintenance (filling losses, corrections of captions);
  • cleaning and waxing of gravestones (memorials, slabs, captions);
  • cleaning the direct surroundings of the gravestone (removal of rubbish, leaves, redundant vegetation, raking the area around the gravestone);
  • planting vegetation on the gravestone and around it (annual flowers, perennials, bushes) and the care of them;
  • cultivation of the direct area around the gravestone (paving with flagstones or pouring gravel, installation of a bench, etc.);
  • care of gravestones directly after the ceremony of burial
  • selection of flowers and bunches, removal of burnt grave lights;
  • anniversary lighting of a candle, preparation and placing on the gravestone flowers and bunches (on request with a sash with a dedication);
  • we offer a possibility to curry out one-time, on earlier specified dates or on fixed dates services.

We carry out all individual client's wishes.